Strix: instructions for use, analogues and reviews, prices in pharmacies in Russia

The drug stimulates the synthesis of visual pigment, improves blood flow to the retina, which contributes to increased visual acuity, especially in the dark and at low light.

Anthocyanosides Blueberries have an antioxidant effect, stabilize the metabolism of phospholipids in cell membranes, strengthen the matrix of connective tissue of the capillaries of the retina (they become strong), improve the trophism of the retina.

The action of the drug complements β-carotenewhich is also antioxidant. Stimulates local immunity, helps to restore the visual pigment, prevents the drying of the eyes. The overall effect on the body is to normalize the function of the skin and increase the body’s antitumor resistance.

Indications for use

  • visual fatigue when reading, watching TV and working at the computer,
  • myopia,
  • impaired vision adaptation to the dark
  • macular degeneration,
  • diabetic retinopathy,
  • central retinal dystrophy,
  • primary glaucoma (in complex therapy),
  • rehabilitation treatment after ophthalmic surgeries.

Release form and composition

Dosage form - tablets, film-coated: round, convex on both sides, dark purple in color with splashes of purple in color of varying color intensity (30 pcs in blisters, 1 blister in a cardboard box).

Active substances in 1 tablet:

  • bilberry fruit extract dry - 82.4 mg,
  • beta carotene (as a 10% concentrate) - 12 mg, equivalent to 1.2 mg beta carotene.

Auxiliary components: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, corn starch, blueberry fruit juice, lyophilized.

The composition of the shell: methylcellulose.

Pharmachologic effect

Strix is ​​an adaptogenic agent of plant origin that includes blueberry extract (beta-carotene and anthocyanosides). The specified drug has a metabolic, antioxidant, healing, regenerating effect. It stimulates the production of rhodopsin, responsible for visual acuity, increases blood supply to tissues, reduces asthenopic syndrome, strengthens vascular walls, improves color perception, allows eyes to see better in dusk and in bright light. Strix eliminates eye fatigue, slows down the degenerative processes occurring in the tissues of the eye. It is a preventive measure that prevents the development of a number of ailments.

Components that make up the preparation, stimulate the immune system, reduce the risk of glaucoma, cataracts.

Therapeutic effect

Strix is ​​used in ophthalmology in case of visual fatigue, which is caused by prolonged work on a PC, with textual information, reading, and also in case of violation of the mechanism of adaptation to the dark (that is, with hemeralopia). It is prescribed to persons suffering from myopia of varying degrees, people who have diabetic retinopathy, degeneration (peripheral or central) retina. Strix is ​​also used in the complex therapy of primary glaucoma (with a persistent increase in intraocular pressure), cataracts, during recovery from eye surgery.

The specified tool is a source of mineral substances, anthocyanosides, lutein, as well as vitamins.

Take striks can be both kiddies and adults. The body's resistance to this drug does not occur.

Strix release forms

  1. Film-coated tablets which contain 82.4 mg of blueberry extract (basic version).
  2. Chewable tablets, containing 25 mg of blackberry extract with black currant and mint flavor (Strix Kids).
  3. Tablets with a high content of blueberry extract: in one tablet - 102.61 mg of this substance (Striks Forte).

Dosage and administration

You can start taking the drug in question after prior consultation with a qualified professional (ophthalmologist). It is recommended to use for children over seven years old, adolescents, older people, 1-2 tablets per day, with a small amount of liquid (drinking water). The course of taking Strix is ​​on average from two to 3-4 weeks. If you need to re-take the allowable daily dosage of the drug should be clarified with your doctor. Children under the age of seven days should drink one tablet of Strix once every 24-48 hours.

Additional Information

on the use of Strix and Strix Forte

Tablets should be consumed during the meal. They should be washed down with clean drinking water, not juice, milk, carbonated drinks. If, after taking the drug, you notice a rash, hives on the skin, stop taking it and report it to your doctor without fail.

on the use of Strix Kids

Tablets should chew. If necessary, they are allowed to drink water.

With caution to use Striks should be elderly.

Analogs of Strix are Okuvayt, Glazorol, Blueberry Forte, Blueberry Instant, Star Creek. These drugs have a similar pharmacological effect (they also protect the eyes in complex and improve visual acuity, have a tonic and antioxidant effect).

Striks: prices in online pharmacies

Strix tablets film-coated 30 pcs.

Strix tablets, pokr. captivity. shell number 30

STRIX 30 pcs. film coated tablets

Strix forte 500 mg tablets 30 pcs.

Striks forte tab. chew 500mg n30

STRIX FORTE tablets 500mg 30 pcs.

Striks tb p / o number 30

Striks forte n30

Strix forte tbl 500mg №30

Education: Rostov State Medical University, specialty "General Medicine".

Information about the drug is generalized, is provided for informational purposes and does not replace the official instructions. Self-treatment is dangerous for health!

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Instructions for use Strix dosages

The drug is taken orally after a meal, drinking clean water. Dosage depends on age.

The standard dosage for adults recommended by the instructions for use of Striks is 2 tablets once a day or 1 tablet 2 times a day. The maximum dosage is 2 tablets.

Children from 7 years old - 1 tablet 1 time per day. The maximum dosage is 1 tablet.

Application course - 1 month. Repeat courses are possible on the recommendation of a doctor.

Side effects

The instruction warns about the possibility of the development of the following side effects when prescribing strikes:

  • In the case of individual intolerance to any component there is a risk of allergic reactions.


It is contraindicated to appoint striks in the following cases:

  • Children's age up to 7 years,
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug.

The use of the drug during pregnancy / lactation is possible only in consultation with the doctor, after assessing the ratio of benefits expected from therapy with the possible risk.


Data overdose instructions are not described.

Analogs Striks, the price in pharmacies

If necessary, it is possible to replace strikes with an analogue for therapeutic action - these are vitamins for the eyes:

Matches for ATH code:

Choosing analogues it is important to understand that the instructions for use of Striks, the price and reviews, do not apply to drugs of similar effect. It is important to consult a doctor and not to make an independent replacement of the drug.

Price in Russian pharmacies: Striks tablets 30 pcs. - from 475 to 552 rubles, according to 824 pharmacies.

Keep out of reach of children, in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C. Shelf life - 3 years.

Pharmacy sales conditions - without a prescription.

4 reviews for “Striks"

I already drank vitamins Striks several years ago, the effect from them was good and I decided to repeat the intake of these vitamins. Because they are acting !!

Act ... but! I would like Strix to leave at least some prolonged effect. Unfortunately, already a couple of weeks after completing the course, I again began to feel tired in my eyes. Apparently, one month of admission is not enough.

Vitamins do a good job! I am surprised how my eyes are still in place with these inetrnets))

I expected more, and the reviews are good about vitamins. But, unfortunately, did not find any results. Vision has not improved. Worse, too, was not)


The use of Strix is ​​contraindicated in children under the age of 7 years and with hypersensitivity to the components that make up the drug.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and during the lactation period is possible only in cases where the expected therapeutic effect for the mother far exceeds the potential risk to the developing fetus or infant.

Dosing and Administration

Tablets are taken orally, drinking plenty of water.

Strikes are recommended to be taken in the following doses:

  • children from 7 years: 1 pc. in a day,
  • adults: 2 pcs. in a day.

The duration of therapy is 1 month. Repeated courses of treatment prescribed by a physician are allowed.

Composition and release form

Film Coated Tablets1 tab.
blueberry fruit extract dry82.4 mg
beta carotene 10% concentrate12 mg
(equivalent to 1.2 mg beta carotene)
Excipients: bilberry fruit juice lyophilisate, MCC, corn starch, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate
tablet shell: methylcellulose

in a blister pack of 30 pcs., in a cardboard box 1 blister.

Chewable tablets1 tab. (730 mg)
blueberry extract25 mg
(corresponds to 5.4 mg of anthocyanosides)
vitamin C50 mg
vitamin E5 mg
zinc3 mg
beta carotene1.2 mg
selenium10 mcg
Excipients: xylitol (E967), isomalt (E953), MCC (E460), glycerides of fatty acids, silicon dioxide (E551), methylcellulose (E461), flavor "black currant", identical to natural, potassium acesulfame (E950), stearic acid (E570) , peppermint flavor identical to natural, neohesperidin (E959)

in the package 30 pcs.

Pills1 tab. (500 mg)
blueberry extract102.61 mg
(corresponds to 20 mg of anthocyanosides)
lutein3 mg
vitamin A400 mcg
vitamin E5 mg
zinc7.5 mg
selenium25 mcg
Excipients: MCC (E460), croscarmellose (E468), corn starch, calcium phosphate (E341), methylcellulose (E461), silicon dioxide (E551), magnesium stearate (E470), gelatin

in the package 30 pcs.

Component Properties

Joint action bilberry extract and lutein, which are part of Strix ® Forte, helps to strengthen blood vessels, improve visual acuity, eliminate symptoms of visual fatigue, slow down age-related changes in eye tissues.

In combination vitamins A and E, selenium and zinc provide the necessary protection of visual structures from free radicals, help to slow down the aging process in the tissues of the eye.

Vitamin A considered to be indispensable for vision, its lack causes the development of night blindness.

Zinc effectively protects the retina and contributes to the prevention of cataracts.

Joint action bilberry extract and beta carotene helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels of eye tissues, improve visual acuity, prevent visual fatigue.

Bilberry Extract stimulates the production of retinal pigment - rhodopsin and improves visual function.

Beta carotene increases the resistance of eye tissue to infections, providing an immunostimulating effect.

The complex of antioxidants - vitamins C and E as well as selenium and zinc contributes to the protection of vision from the effects of free radicals.

Vitamin C energizes the eye tissue and the body as a whole, enhances the antioxidant effect of selenium and vitamin E.

Indications of the drug Striks ®

manifestations of visual fatigue syndrome during prolonged work with a computer and reading,

myopia of varying degrees

violation of dark adaptation mechanisms (hemeralopia),

central and peripheral dystrophy of the retina,

complex therapy of primary glaucoma,

recovery period after surgery on the eyes.


As a source of anthocyanosides, vitamins and minerals:

to protect the vision of children aged 4 to 12 years due to early acquaintance with a computer, watching television programs and the subsequent visual loads during school.

As a source of anthocyanosides, lutein, an additional source of vitamins and minerals:

in the complex treatment of age-related eye diseases - cataract, glaucoma,

to relieve visual fatigue syndrome.

Dosage and administration

Inside washing down with the necessary amount of water.

Children over 7 years old - 1 tab. in a day. Adults - 2 tabl. in a day. The course of treatment is 1 month.Repeated courses - on the recommendation of a doctor.

Inside during meals, for children from 4 to 6 years old - 1 tab. per day, older than 7 years - 1 tab. 1-2 times a day. Reception duration - 1–3 months.

Inside during meals, adults and children over 14 years old - 1-2 tablets. in a day. Reception duration - 1–3 months.

Strix, instructions for use (method and dosage)

The pill is taken orally, swallowed whole with water. Children from 7 years old are prescribed 1 tablet per day. Adults recommend 2 tablets per day. The course of treatment for at least 1 month. If necessary, on the recommendation of a doctor repeated courses are conducted.

Instructions for use Strix contains a warning that the daily dose should not be exceeded.

Analogs Strix

Analogues containing plant raw blueberries: Blueberry Forte with Zinc, Blueberry-Optima, Visi, MirtileneForte, Okovit with blueberries, Blueberry-F.

Strix Reviews

The results of many years of research by European scientists prove that it is necessary to use drugs with antioxidant and metabolic activity to prevent visual impairment during prolonged exercise (reading, working at a computer). Those are the vitamins Strix for the eyes, registered as a biological additive to food.

For an adult, the level of consumptionanthocyanin 50-150mg per day. In 1 tablet of Strix 16,1mg anthocyanin, in two - 32.2 mg and this amount is sufficient for the prevention of eye diseases. Reviews about Strix positive. Everyone notes the high quality of vitamins and the ability to choose the right product for themselves and all family members from the Strix line (for children, forte, manager, excellent, teenager, omega), which are slightly different in composition depending on age requirement and eye strain.

  • «... I am satisfied with the result, I will take a break, and then I will repeat the course»,
  • «... Indeed, the eyes began to fix at the computer less, the cramps and redness decreased»,
  • «... Periodically I give my son to a teenager for 3 months in a row - he has a large eye strain»,
  • «... I like the Strikes Manager more in composition and action, periodically I take them for 2 months courses»,
  • «... For the child of 5 years, she chose Strix Kids, because she is busy with the computer and reads a lot. I give preventive».

Some prefer a complex drug. Vitrum Vision Fortecontaining blueberries, minerals, vitamins, zeaxanthin and lutein.

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